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titleImportant Notes

1. Please provide us all 11 items for iOS & 12 items for Android app as listed below. Otherwise, if missing any of these, we are can't proceed any further.

2. Please give us files with correct size dimensions, format and also change the file name accordingly. This will help us speed up the process and identify these images better and more correctly.

3. For the best display, it is recommended not to have any transparent areas and texts within the image.. The images should include the app logo (with icon and app name)

4. If you would like us to generate all these required assets from a standard image, please provide us 1 standard splash image in 1024 x 1024 pixels with the logo in the middle of the image. You can refer to the below design for the recommended position.

From this standard image, we will resize automatically and generate splash images in the correct sizes. However, these outputs will be generic so we still highly recommend you to prepare our own set of images for the best output.