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Phpfox Native Mobile apps provide a flexible and extendable solution to integrate phpFox apps. You can support your phpFox apps on phpFox mobile apps by implementing normal "API" app only. This "API" app can be installed to phpFox sites within AdminCP from phpFox Store, totally same to the installation process of phpFox apps. You don't need to write any extra native code for Android app and iOS app.

With this solution, the Administrators can turn features on/off on their mobile apps within AdminCP easily and quickly without a necessity to rebuild mobile apps.

This tutorial will guide you on how to integrate phpFox apps into Mobile Native App.


  1. We assume that you have good knowledge of the following areas:
    • How to implement a phpFox app
    • RESTful API - Design concepts & convention
    • Default APIs supported in RESTful API app

2. Following phpFox apps are installed on phpFox site:

    • RESTful API (version 4.2.2 or later)
    • Mobile API (version 4.2.0 or later)

In this tutorial, we will integrate a sample Posts app to Mobile app with the following information

  • App's ID: "Posts"
  • App's Alias: "post"
  • App's Directory: "PF.Site/Apps/Posts"

We will implement RESTful APIs to integrate this Posts app into the Native Mobile App

Troubleshooting Tips

Follow this guide to debug your integration

Now, Let's start 


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